Product Description

“BRIDE’ in 34 inch Silver letters

BRIDE LETTER BALLOONS are a great way to decorate your event, Bridal showers and bridal suite and add a personalized touch in your Bridal suite or Bridal shower.

This pack spells out ‘BRIDE” in 34 inch letters. The balloons can be filled with helium gas and attached to ribbon and weights or filled with air and strung together using their tabs to create a banner.

Model: 34 Bride Rose Gold letters

  • Can be filled with air or Helium ( Helium fill can be purchased separately select option )
  • Self-sealing

Will My Helium Balloon Arrive Inflated?

We can deliver your helium balloon inflated or deflated, it’s up to you.

No Helium: Your balloon will arrive deflated and in a sealed packet so you can choose when to add the helium.

Helium filled : We suggest purchasing Helium gas by selecting Helium filled option. If you will like Helium in your balloons and want them standing afloat individually. Delivery cost and charges apply based on location. 

Attach non-metallic ribbon and balloon weight. Do not release the balloon outdoors or near overhead power lines. 




Bride Letters only

No Helium


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